Business Intelligence / Big Data / Data Science

BI, Big Data, Cloud Data Handlers

Companies seek big Data to drive growth, innovation and cutting costs and redundancy, furthering ROI by leveraging BI, Big Data, and Cloud Data consultants with whom we work closely.

We conduct thorough check on, soft skills, Tech skills, focus on certifications along with in depth problem solving skills and preliminary background checks( if needed). Must have at least BS degree or MS degree. Certifications are highly desirable. Minimum 3-5 years of experience with cloud services-including open source technology, software development, systems engineering, scripting languages and multiple cloud provider environments. They need to have experience in designing BI systems, researching and implementing analytics techniques, algorithms and tools, selecting appropriate data sets, verifying data quality, performing statistical analysis, running machine learning tests, training and retraining systems when needed.

Titles/ Roles

Data Scientist, Chief Data Officer, Big Data Analyst, Research Scientist, Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, BI, Big Data, Data Architect, Data Scientist, Web Data Scientist, Data Warehouse Engineer, Data Modeler, BI Developer, BI Architect, Data Virtualization Engineer, Azure Developer, Cognos Analyst, Hadoop Developer, Netezza Developer, Tableu Engineer


Python, Cognos, Hadoop, MySQL, AWS, Cloudera, Snowflake, SalesForce, BO, JDA, SAP WEBI, R, SQL, SAS, KNIME, RapidMiner